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We have failed very badly in the fight against global poverty in terms of inequality

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which officially ended in 2015, was considered as a success development agenda. Many of its objectives had been successfully achieved. In the recent decade for instance, global extreme poverty has been successfully reduced by more... Continue Reading →

China’s Export Potential to ASEAN Countries

Introduction Since the 1997 Asian financial crisis, closer regional economic integration and cooperation have been widely used for economic survival in the region. In the case of East Asia, ASEAN and China have strategic roles in preserving growth momentum in... Continue Reading →

Do public sectors really need to outsource public services to the outsiders?

The emergence of the New Public Management (NPM) as a reaction to the drawbacks of the traditional bureaucratic model of public administration has changed the way public services are delivered from monopolistic forms to a more market-oriented system (Adam and... Continue Reading →

Does Indonesia’s whistleblowing system work against corruption?

Introduction Although corruption is a global phenomenon, it has become a serious problem and habitual action in Indonesia’s public sectors, pervading all levels of Indonesian society (Newman, 2011). In fact Indonesia is one of the most corrupt countries worldwide. According... Continue Reading →

Should the victims of Indonesia’s Transboundary Haze Pollution compensate the polluter?

Transboundary haze pollution (THP) is a recurrent phenomenon and has become a long-standing environmental issue afflicting not only Indonesia as the main producer of the haze, but also the rest of the Southeast Asian countries. Although some causes have been... Continue Reading →

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